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"Pet time - happy time" in Poland


The sixth (6th) extra short-term joint staff training and learning activity in Athens, Greece, was completed with great success. 17 teachers, coordinators and participants in the “Artemotion Xpress in Europe” project from each partner country met at the 1st Special Education Primary school of Korydallos from 16th to 20th October 2017 to exchange good practices and improve the quality of their teaching methods.


"Big and small artists together" - Karl-Georg-Haldenwang-Schule, Bad Teinach-Zavelstein

For the activity "Big and small artists together" we organized a project week with local artists while our European partners where here for the mobility in our school. We had a great week with our partners and the local artists and the public and the parents could admire our outcome during an Open Day Celebration on Friday afternoon. Parts of the music in the video is performed by pupils and their drums teacher from the local music school who comes to school every week to give drumming lessons. Pupils could choose between 10 different projects to discover, live and enjoy different arts. The small and the big artists enjoyed every moment of it and we hope there´ll be more projects to come. 


"Dress up and act" - Primary school dr. Ljudevita Pivka Ptuj, Slovenia


Activity was presented to various groups, according to age, gender and interests. After talking with the students, they chose the theme.

Younger pupils are enthusiastic basketball players. Their role models are successful Slovenian basketball players. Otherwise they enjoy different sports. 

7th and 8th grade schoolgirls are up to date with fashion and like to be well-dressed. They combined different pieces of clothing and as real models walked down the catwalk. It seems that clothes really make the man. 
Some choose to try out the role of a cleaner. 

Pupils of the Special Program are good in painting, so they decided to play the role of the artist.

Communication in the game was non-verbal, with an emphasis on body language and facial expressions.

The aim of the activities was:
- To gain insight into different roles and to increase empathy  
- To learn that the role and dress one is wearing can affects our mood
- To observe how others and we respond to a different outfit in various situations  

After watching the recordings, they answered these questions:
- How did you feel in the role?
- What did you like the most?
- Which role would you prefer to play in your life? (What do you want to be, to do?)

Student statements:

MOODS of models, cleaners, basketball players and painters
- It was fun and interesting
- During the game I tried to fit to the played role 
- I had to behave well. 
- It was something special, unusual, I enjoyed it.
- The role of the cleaner wasn’t so interesting.
- I felt important (basketball players and painters).

What did you particularly like?
- Being a model, painter
- Selecting and wearing nice clothes
- To be a painter
- I enjoyed the photo shooting and recording

- In life, I would like to paint on the wood
- I would like to exhibit my products at different occasions
- I want to model at a public event
- I want to be a good basketball player, but this requires a lot of training.

It was hard work, but we were happy about the lessons learned.