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Dear parents, friends and followers!

Thank you so much for taking part of our competition with your vote on the FB project web page and help us choose the logo of our Project. With great pleasure we announce you that the winner country is SLOVENIA, that gathered most of your votes. Picture NO 3.

Thank you  pupils from Slovenia for the great, colourful and original logo that you created. Now it is officially the LOGO of our project "Artemotion Xpress in Europe".


The winner logo
Mentor: Alenka Kosem, art teacher and pupils from Primary school dr. Ljudevita Pivka Ptuj



Firstly, with the students we got to know what the logo is, and what the main principles of a well-designed logo are. We have learned that a simply designed logo allows instant visibility, versatility and the ability to be easily recognized ( remembered ). Since the logo can be presented in black and white  it must work well in pure graphiccs. Therefore, we have been careful designed it so that it is recognizable and easy to remember. 


1.) Shape pallete - Arts.

2.) The color palette ( background ) - Europe from the distance.

3.) Round shapes on the palette ( space, blending colors ) - different feelings.

4.) The colors and forms of the letters  - childrens playfulness, vivacity and boundless world of imagination.

We are happy you  like our  logo :-)!

Alenka Kosem, art teacher  ( mentor )
Pupils from Primary Special School dr. Ljudevita Pivka Ptuj

FOTOS: Alenka Kosem, art teacher ©2015 "Must not be used without explicit permission"

THanks to Zespot Szkol Specjalnych no.6, Bytom

Dear Patrycja, students and all school staff!

Slovenian  team who attended to ERASMUS PLUS 1st Short - Term Joint Staff training in Zespot Szkol Specjalnych no. 6 in Bytom, would like to express our appreciation to all the students , teachers, and other members of the school for the great work they have been doing before and during our stay in Bytom. We have really enjoyed every singel moment, we really see how much you have done for the success of every activity for the programme.

Furthermore, a special thanks to Patrycja for her careful arrangement, her patience, and for her smile and sense of humor in each moment. we really enjoyed much and we had a wonderful and unforgettable experience. 
Thanks again to Headmistress, to Maja, Agata, Anna, Dominika, Ashia,...... to all others who take care for us during our stay.
A big hug from Slovenian team, 
Tanja N., Saška, Tanja K. , Vesna and Marija

Tanja K., Saška, Tanja N., Marija, Vesna
Partners participants


My school in Athens

Our first official activities " Getting to know each other" and "I will show you where I am from" have been concluded. You can now watch the presentation of our school, 1st Special Education primary School of Korydallos, Athens. Greece. Meet our pupils, teachers, building, activities. Hope you will enjoy it.

Special Education Center Can Rigol

Would you like to know more about Catalunya and Special Education Center Can Rigol? Then play the video!


Primary school dr. Ljudevita Pivka Ptuj, Slovenija

Primary school dr. Ljudevita Pivka Ptuj, Slovenia, carries out the education process for children with special needs. The school was established as an autonomous institution in 1979. The school has 2.826 m2 indoor space and 454m2 of the green.  The following programs are implemented within the educational activities of the school:

- personalized training programme with lower educational standard; from grades 1 to 9. This program includes children with mild mental disabilities .

- The special educational programme from grades 1- 6. where children are included with moderate, severe and profound intellectual disabilities. These topics are a modified curriculum and in accordance with an individualized programme, created by the professional team in consultation and agreement with the parents.

For the first time since our school was founded, we will get a NEW school . We will be moved in it next year in summer time.  We are very happy for that moment!

Our new school is growing up :-) 

 fotos: schools archive


Activities from Romania!

We present the video about our activities with our students, how they found out about our art project and what they worked together with their teachers. There were a great activities. We hope you will like it. Enjoy!.

Greetings and hugs from Romania!