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ERASMUS+Magazine, topic: Poland, - SEC CAN RIGOL



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Secondary Education pupils from SEC Can Rigol have been working on the first Erasmus+ Magazine. In this case the topic pf the magazine is Poland; Students have researched and have edited the magazine. We hope you enjoy it!


“Emotions Carnival” - February 2016, extra activity - CSEI No1 Sibiu, Romania

Our school organises a theme carnival every year, in February. This year, our school carnival was called "Emotion Carnival". The students made carnival masks with different emotions before the carnival. They presented their costumes, they participated in dance competitions and they dance on different types of music, expressing their feelings. All together, children, teachers and arents, had a lot of fun.


"The materials are playing with the emotions"- February 2016, extra activity, Sibiu,Romania

"The materials are playing with the emotions" - February 2016, extra activity. SEN Pupils integrated in mainstream schools, was brought together by itinerant ( mobile) teachers, at School Center of Inclusive Education No. 1 Sibiu. They talked about emotions and they used balloons and markers to express different emotions. After that, the kids had fun making "Faces - Sandwiches".

"Face Puzzle" - February 2016, Romania

In the activity "Face puzzle", the students took pictures of each other showing them different facial expressions. The students and the teacher took photos outside of school and in their classrooms. Then, the pictures were printed on A4 paper and smaller paper. The pictures were plasticized. The teachers cut the photos and stuck the smaller photos on the pieces of wood.
The students made the puzzle and they identified the different expressions and who is the picture.


Radio interview with the coordinator of the international school project, dr. Ljudevita Pivka Ptuj

On Wednesday, 17. 02. 2016  the Slovenian coordinator of  Erasmus + project from dr. Ljudevita Pivka school, from Ptuj, Mrs. Tanja Nikolovski, was a guest of the radio show "MORNING GUEST" in the local radio station "Radio Ptuj".

She presented the Erasmus + Action, an international school project "Art Emotion Xpress in Europe", and  the project activities at the school so far .

( Interview )

The clip is in the Slovenian language, and I know that you will not understand anything, but here is oportunity to hear the Slovenian language sound. 

"Morning GUEST" Tanja Nikolovski - Radio Show
 Radio Ptuj
 Radio Ptuj


"FACE PUZZLE" - Primary school dr. Ljudevita Pivka Ptuj, Slovenia

Primary school dr. Ljudevita Pivka Ptuj, Slovenia

Pupils were divide into groups and take pictures of each other with different facial expressions. The photos were printed on A4 paper and plasticized. The teachers and some of the pupils cut photos of facial expression in several pieces ( 4, 6, 7, 8 12, 16, 17, 18 ) Pupils were make the puzzles and identify the different expressions. Some were very fast in assembling the puzzle, without looking at the  attached photo.

Do you want to learn some Slovenian words about feelings? Here they are . To hear the Slovenian  pronunciation  copy a single word ( emotion ) and past it to the  Google Translator. There, you can use the speaker icon, which plays the Slovenian pronunciation. Enjoy learning Slovenian. 

vesel   - happy
žalosten - sad
prestrašen - frightened
zaskrbljen - worried
jezen  - angry
utrujen - weary
dolgočasen - boring
presenečen - surprised
zaspan - sleepy

We woudl like to learn emotion words in your languages :-).

Hugs and  Greetings from your peers from Ptuj,  Slovenia.


"The materials are playing with the emotions" - extra activity Sibiu, Romania - January 2016

Objectives:- How to transform a mirror image into a self portrait,
                 - To find the main facial features.
The students had to consider what type of expression, mood and emotion they wished to choose.
Looking at themselves in the mirror in preparation for creating their self-portrait can be an opportunity
 to reflect upon what makes them unique and special, both outside and inside.


1st Special Education Primary School of Korydallos, Athens, Greece, "The materials are playing with the emotions".

1st Special Education Primary school of Korydallos, Athens, Greece, decided to work with several materials and induce several emotions under the activity "The materials are playing with the emotions". Enjoy!

"The materials are playing with the emotions"- Primary school dr. Ljudevita Pivka Ptuj, Slovenia

After ending December holidays, and getting into the new year, our school begins to actively engage in the creation of products for the carnival time. With these activities we are trying to recruit students in a  playful, exciting and diverse way, while considering individual abilities of each individual.
January activity of the project "Artemotion express in  Europe" was "The materials are playing with the emotions" -  expressing with a different materials. ... That's why we added the image of a carnival mask in a  different materials. On the motifs, which are expressed in different materials, prevails the mask of Kurent or Korant. This typical carnival character from Ptuj and the surrounding area always  inspires our students  for  their creative  work.
This time the students were excited not only by  the visual, but also by art technique, because they had found a lot of different materials, they can also be optionally combined with each other. Many emotions were expressed in the formulation of the human figure from waste plastic bottles. In each product, the students in their very own way  visualize their emotions and senses.

"The materials are playing with the emotions" - Sibiu, Romania_January 2016

Our students used different materials, trying to use them in expressing various emotions.