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"PAINTING MUSIC" - Primary school dr. Ljudevita Pivka Ptuj, Slovenia


During the art lessons, first we repeated the characteristics of different stripes and colors. Depending on the shape, thickness, length, ...we can  also determine  the character of the line. Therefore, we can say that the lines can be gentle, bold, coarse, fearful, fine, elegant, clumsy, serious, dramatic ... straight line expresses a certain hardness, stiffness, sharpness, rigor, coldness, fault line, in contrast to the flat soft, warm, emotional.

Even colors can have different effect on us. At many cases, we found that some color  operating uncomfortable on us - we are talking about screaming, dirty, toxic colors. However, when the color effect on us pleasant, then we are talking about moderate, mild, nice, clean colors. Colors also can provoke  people  in very emotional mood, soothe or even can  irritate them.  When rendering motif through color and line we always expressed a mood.

Next step with students was conversation shifted to the music. Students were listen two songs and expressed their emotions  through the painting. We found that the music affects us in a different ways. At some tracks become thoughtful, sad ... while others of us may wake up, enliven and put us in a cheerful mood.

This was followed by the announcement of tasks. Most of the pupils at the first track, "Adagio in G Minor" (Tomaso Albinoni) reflect the gentle, soft lines and subtle colors. The resulting addresses are works of art: The awakening of nature, Funeral, Violin ... When playing the second song "Fire Dance" (Manuel de Falla) the atmosphere was completely different. The song was raise strong, unpleasant, dramatic emotion to the  pupils. Artworks were created in dark colors with harsh lines. They named them: Runing away from a Stranger, Breeze, Storm, Fight animal, Rushing River ...

Students of the lower classes they felt an event in the music and they visualized it, while the students in the last course,  created mostly abstract motifs played with the  lines and colors.

Alenka Kosem, Art Teacher 

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Stami Mourelatou said...

Colorful, vivid activity! Congratulations pupils and teachers for your great work :-)