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“The emotions book” – May-June 2016, Activity no 6 - School Centre for Inclusive Education No 1 Sibiu, Romania

“The emotions book” is the last activity for this school year.
Six classes together with their teachers worked for this activity. The students created different types of books.
The students from kindergarten created a body with different facial expressions.
The students from the 4th grade made a “mobile emotions book” and a “box emotions book”.
The students from the 5th A, 6th B, 7th A and 7th C grade created story books with different emotions.


Artemotionxpress said...

Dear teachers and students from Sibiu!

Very varied and interesting intergenerational activity. A tribute to the teachers, parents and pupils.

Students and teachers from Ljudevita Pivka school wish you a pleasant and relaxing summer vacation and see you again in the fall in Sibiu.

Tanja N.

Stami Mourelatou said...

Congratulations to all. Great work! Love. Stami.