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Poland presents..... THE EMOTIONS BOOK.

Poland presents..... THE EMOTIONS BOOK.
The students took part in art workshops, they created self-portraits using ordinary materials such as paper, crayons, markers. Next, they used iPads and Stop Motion annimation technique that physically manipulates the pictures with movable joints so that they appear to move on their own. They also used Stop Motion taking pictures of one another.
The students took part in art workshops connected with Land Art. We went for a trip to Segiet Nature Sanctuary, picked leaves, logs, stones, branches, cones, chestnuts etc. and later we made the paintings with the names of emotions using natural materials. At the end, we painted with the spray. It was a good opportunity for a team work.


mina micha said...

Great work...filled with Art and Emotion!!Congratulations students and teachers!

Stami Mourelatou said...

Wonderful activity partners from Poland. Congratulations on your work. Our love from Greece. Stami.