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Activity 10.2 «Stop Bullying» -1st Special Education Primay School of Korydallos.

Activity «Stop Bullying» is related to the phenomenon of School Bullying. It was first discussed in class what school bullying means, what its causes, what is the profile of intimidating people (bullies), what is the profile of people they are usually bullied, how to deal with this phenomenon. Then the students played roles where they played out the bad behavior of school bullying but also how we react when you we are bullied. In this activity pupils from  classes A1 and A2 participated. In the end, we created a small spot to combat school bullying. We hope that you like it.

Activity 10.1 «Dress up and act» -1st Special Education Primay School of Korydallos,

Activity «Dress up and act» 
asked pupils to become actors and actresses and perform roles in small plays. Each project drafted a brief social story at school or outside school, using our imagination and images on the interactive board. The pupils dressed up depending on the role  or played freely in the school environment.
The objectives of the activity were to enable our students to express and impart different feelings but also to name the feelings that emerge in the given situations, to point out a misconduct, to suggest and to impart the right behavior, to comment on, to cooperate and to have fun. We hope the following video with little social stories will entertain you and educate you.